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It is my goal as a your artist to photograph you how you want to be photographed and to give you the best portrait you have ever seen of yourself.

I am an East Texas portrait photographer located in Nacogdoches. I specialize in Vanity Fair style contemporary portraits including beauty, glamour, seniors, personal branding, families and generations.  I create gorgeous, timeless portraits of women. You might be thinking that you aren't photogenic or that you hate having your photo taken, but I'm here to change all that for you! 

I promise you that my photo shoots are easy and fun and it is an experience that you will never forget.


I will help you decide what to wear based on your personal style and you will end up with the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself!  I can't wait to photograph you!

"Rachel is a creative and talented photographer, but beyond that, she brings her heart to each and every session, which allows her to pull out the personality of each subject." - Teresa

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