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90s Reboots: Glamour Shots are Back and They’re Better: 5 Reasons You Need to Book a Glamour Shoot

Caboodles and scrunchies have returned to the shelves at Target, and it’s finally cool to rock a fanny pack again. You can sit back and laugh with The Connors on TV (minus Roseanne) and our favorite friends are talking about meeting back at Central Perk.

It looks like undoubtedly the 90s are back, and all our favorite parts of it too! (Not, you know, the parts where we have zits and angst.)

But one of the best gifts that the 90s gave us? Glamour Shots

Glamour Shots of the 90s

Tucked into the corner of shopping malls, Glamour Shots had it all. The overly hairsprayed hair, the feather boas, the sultry looks, the opportunity to turn into Cindy Crawford for half an hour.

And they are back and better than ever (minus the malls, hairspray, and feather boas - unless that’s what you’re in to.)

Perhaps you remember the feeling of finding your own special little portal in the mall into a place where your top half could be transformed into a supermodel. Or maybe you’re too young to have the experience, but you have enjoyed a good laugh at awkward glamour shots living on forever thanks to the internet.

Whatever the case, the truth remains: Glamour Shots allowed us all a break from our otherwise normal lives with a little bit of glitz and glamour.

And that’s something that never gets old.

Top 5 Reasons Glamour Photoshoots Rock

(and why you should totally embrace your inner 90s child and rock one yourself)

1. For Your Inner Supermodel

She’s a total diva and she’s dying to come out! Feel the fake wind blowing in your hair and give us your fiercest Beyonce look. She deserves to feel glamorous, and she knows it.

2. To Remind Your Loved Ones How Incredibly Lucky They Are

Just imagine the joy on their faces when you give them the gift that lasts a lifetime: beautiful you (in a variety of sizes!)

3. Because You Crushed Another Milestone

Lost 20 pounds? Turned 45? Walked your first 5k after recovering from surgery? Finished Netflix? All of these are reasons to celebrate and commemorate the memory.

4. Because You Have an Event to Attend

If you’re on your way to a party or wedding and you want the chance to

get pampered while transforming into the most beautiful version of yourself, you can do that with glamour shots. Not only will you look great, but you’ll have souvenirs of the experience!

5. To See How Beautiful You Are (In Case You Forgot)

It’s a shame that as many women get older, they avoid mirrors and cameras more than ever. Investing in a glamour photoshoot can remind you that you are more beautiful than ever.

Glamour Photography Today

If you’re worried about images that won’t age well (like some Glamour Shots), you really don’t need to worry. A lot has changed in glamour photography in the last 30 years.

Gone are the Aqua Net coiffures and bedazzled denim jackets, and in their place professional hair, natural makeup, wardrobe styling, and image retouching.

Feeling glamorous should never be a privilege confined to celebrities and the ultra-rich. Now you can have images of yourself that look like they belong on the cover of Vogue or Vanity Fair.

Because glamour is one thing that never goes out of style.

Here's some of my latest work.

Collage of Glamour Portraits

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